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ADA Signage

American Disabilities Act Compliant Signage

•We have extensive experience with ADA specifications.
•Any product can be customized to fit your company's needs. Contact us with your special request

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) can impact the signs you need.
This Federal law requires many businesses and buildings to be more accessible to those who have disabilities. Many areas need appropriate signage to comply with the ADA standards. Some specific areas are:

•Informational and directional signs
•Permanent rooms and spaces
•Accessible restroom facilities
•Building entrances and exits
•Accessible parking spaces
•Accessible telephones

Customized for Your Special Needs
We can assist you in making selections to meet your needs with ADA Signage.

•American Engraving can help make your current facilities more accessible and make your new facilities comply completely with the relevant requirements of ADA.

•These signs can be custom made to meet the needs for your facility or we can provide you with pre-made standard ADA signs.

•Often the ADA requires that there be tactile letters (raised letters), with Braille and many have pictograms.

Complete Customizing Service
In addition to a complete line of stock items, we can customize any product to fit your individual or corporate needs.

Wide Selection
We offer too many products and customizing possibilities to offer all of them online. Contact us with your special request.
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